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All You Need to Know Concerning Power Resistors

When an electronic device or equipment is active and working, the chances of developing power transmission problems are very high. This is more so when the power consumption is not steady but keeps on changing depending on the machine activities. Due to this fact, getting a power resistor is an important thing to do.

This is because power resistors are made specifically to withstand as well as dissipate power entering an electric device. They contain less power wattage compared to the actual power consumed by the machine. In most cases, they have a power rating of about five watts less. These high power resistors are usually made using materials that possess high thermal conductivity characteristics in order to allow for fast cooling. Find the best power resistors or buy this great current shunt resistor.

Due to the fact that they are always very hot when working, a good power resistor will possess heat sinks in order to be able to dissipate the heat as well as the high amount of power efficiently. There are different types of power resistors. Some of the common types include.

1. Wirewound resistors.

This is one of the common resistor type used in modern days. It is made by winding the metal wire around a solid material or state. In most cases, this solid material is made of plastic, fiberglass or ceramic. At the end of the solid state and binding, metallic leads or metal caps are attached in order to help in heat dissipation.

On the other hand, a non-conductive material such as enamel or paint is used to coat the wires. This is done in order to protect the resistor from environmental conditions. Due to this fact, this type of resistor has the ability to withstand very high temperatures of up to four fifty degrees Celsius.

Due to this fact, this resistor type is used in a machine like power amplifiers, welding machines, transformer and motors among other machines that use power in an unsteady manner. There are different types of winding methods used when manufacturing these resistors. Some of the common methods include wedge, bifilar and helical winding.

2. Current shunt resistors.

A current shunt resistor is a type of power resistor that is used for AC and DC applications. It is one of the most basic power resistors. This type of resistor is mostly used to measure electrical currents. When the current drops, the resistor will create an ammeter shunt. There are other types of power resistors that are available in the market. These include carbon composition, carbon film, and thick film resistors. Thin film and potentiometers are other types of power resistors.

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