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Important Things to Know About Wirewound Power Resistors

Most of the complex military applications and also the simple power supplies use power resistors in various ways. You need to understand your range of applications before you choose the power resistors. Many people assume that choosing the right power resistors is a simple task, but it may be tedious if you are to consider some factors. According to one of the laws of electronics, the voltage across and the current through a resistor should be proportional. However, it should be inversely proportional to the involved resistance. Heat is produced when the current passes through a resistor. One crucial factor you need to consider when choosing a power resistor is heat dissipation.

You should always ensure the power resistor you choose would withstand the generated heat no matter the application you choose it for. This means it would perform without deterioration or physical damage. The resistor may produce more heat and increase temperatures above the normal ones as the current passes through it. You know you have a good resistor if it doesn't accommodate temperature increase. The power resistor you get shouldn't just withstand heat, but it should also dissipate it. You would also have to consider the physical size and construction materials when buying a power resistor. Find the best wirewound resistors or check out these high power resistors.

The correct Ohms Law application, the circuit, and application would determine the resistance value of the power resistor you get. If you want a power resistor that would give a higher wattage change, you should choose the one with the small voltage change. Wirewound resistors and thick film resistors are some of the common constructions you can find today. That's why you shouldn't assume that buying the right power resistor is a simple thing. The manufacturers come up with the wirewound resistors once they wind the metal wire around a ceramic, fiberglass, or plastic core. The commonly used wire, in this case, is the nickel-chromium wire.

Most people consider wirewound power resistors more stable because their resistance tolerances are usually tight. These resistors are popular in electrical components because they maintain precision. Besides having stable materials, these resistors are rugged and very reliable. You will notice that the modern circuits use the wirewound resistors to maintain stability and effectiveness. People who consider accuracy while building or making some electrical components consider wirewound resistors. The parts determine how resistant and effective the electrical parts would be. If you intend to buy these power resistors from a particular store, you should ensure the supplier is well versed with electrical parts and components.

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